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"UDLA" University Fair

"UDLA" University Fair


Feb 26, 2024

On Tuesday, April 9, we participated in the job fair at the Universidad de las Américas UDLA. A space where we took the opportunity to share the programs for young professionals, students and graduates that we currently have. Among our main programs for young professionals are:

The Trainee program that seeks to encourage third level graduates to live a challenging experience in their professional career, where they will put their knowledge into practice through the execution of projects in various areas of the company.

Campus Quifatex, our program focused on interns that provides the opportunity to develop the professional profiles of university students in different corporate areas and start their career in one of the largest and most recognized companies in the country.

We successfully completed our participation in the fair with an attendance of approximately 600 students, thus reinforcing our commitment to recruit the best talent.

We appreciate the interest and participation of young people in this meeting that allows us to show Quifatex as a great place to work.